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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

FC-sprintrelay (27-05-2018)
Domingo 27 Maio 2018
Kerava, Keravan Urheilijat, Finland
sprint relay, percurso de estafeta 2.|Resultados
Nice 3rd place with the first ever FC sprint relay with the great team mates of PVA, Lotta and Minna! Enough good sprint relay per...
FC_middle_final (26-05-2018)
Sábado 26 Maio 2018
Halisenromput, Kouvolan Suunnistajat, Finland
Not the O-work what should be doing... Good solid beginning, but let my self lost the control when during the 3th leg there was po...
FC_middle_qualification (26-05-2018)
Sábado 26 Maio 2018
Kouvolan Suunnistajat
Solid, solid, solid
Puhtikaura-Rastit (06-05-2018)
Domingo 6 Maio 2018
Notkonmäki, Asikkalan raikas, Finland
Long distance|Resultados
Huh... Tired man. Unsure, unsure, UNSURE... And when you are unsure it takes time even if the line looks ok. Not getting full cont...
10mila (28-04-2018)
Sábado 28 Abril 2018
Percurso de estafeta 2.|Resultados
Super jalat ja junnumaista höntyilyä. Huh, even more timeloses what I thought - 1., 5., 6., 8., 9., 11., 13., 16. and 17. - not ...
Finnspring relay (22-04-2018)
Domingo 22 Abril 2018
Serena, Akilles OK
Relay, percurso de estafeta 3.|Resultados
Afterwords checking the performance was quite awful... The long legs - really dude? Also 1., 3., 8. - huhu
Finnspring (21-04-2018)
Sábado 21 Abril 2018
Serena, Akilles OK
Awful day, awful feeling and especially awful work... Wasn't able to live with the awful feeling during the race. Big dissapointme...
Ankkurirastit (15-04-2018)
Domingo 15 Abril 2018
Kanamäki, Angelniemen Ankkurit, Finland
Good controlled performance... Couple of standings next to control... 2.,3. and 6. (also not that well during the leg either). Mis...