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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

FC-sprintrelay (27.05.2018)
Sonntag 27 Mai 2018
Kerava, Keravan Urheilijat, Finland
sprint relay, Strecke 2.|Ergebnisse
Nice 3rd place with the first ever FC sprint relay with the great team mates of PVA, Lotta and Minna! Enough good sprint relay per...
FC_middle_final (26.05.2018)
Samstag 26 Mai 2018
Halisenromput, Kouvolan Suunnistajat, Finland
Not the O-work what should be doing... Good solid beginning, but let my self lost the control when during the 3th leg there was po...
FC_middle_qualification (26.05.2018)
Solid, solid, solid
Puhtikaura-Rastit (06.05.2018)
Sonntag 6 Mai 2018
Notkonmäki, Asikkalan raikas, Finland
Long distance|Ergebnisse
Huh... Tired man. Unsure, unsure, UNSURE... And when you are unsure it takes time even if the line looks ok. Not getting full cont...
10mila (28.04.2018)
Samstag 28 April 2018
Strecke 2.|Ergebnisse
Super jalat ja junnumaista höntyilyä. Huh, even more timeloses what I thought - 1., 5., 6., 8., 9., 11., 13., 16. and 17. - not ...
Finnspring relay (22.04.2018)
Sonntag 22 April 2018
Serena, Akilles OK
Relay, Strecke 3.|Ergebnisse
Afterwords checking the performance was quite awful... The long legs - really dude? Also 1., 3., 8. - huhu
Finnspring (21.04.2018)
Samstag 21 April 2018
Serena, Akilles OK
Awful day, awful feeling and especially awful work... Wasn't able to live with the awful feeling during the race. Big dissapointme...
Ankkurirastit (15.04.2018)
Sonntag 15 April 2018
Kanamäki, Angelniemen Ankkurit, Finland
Good controlled performance... Couple of standings next to control... 2.,3. and 6. (also not that well during the leg either). Mis...