Contour_soltti (03/08/2011)
Category: Training
Map/area: Soltinjärvi
Distance: 11.51 km
Time: 113:13
Average HR: 141
Maximum HR: 173
"Contour training at Soltinjärvi. Easy speed Beginning went fine, but then I slept at 7th and looked controlpoint 200m too early and then decede to go to the next one and because I was lost it was awful going :D After that my orienteering was sith and in the end I got tired. So I lost my self, my confidence and my energy huhuh"

Don't no how I managed to blow away the 7th so badly and after that ofcourse 8th was AWFUL too... Unbelievable mistake. I am so stupid :D and Tired
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Contour_soltti (03/08/2011)