Husqvarna-kisa (21/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Distance: 6.22 km
Time: 37:04
Average HR: 184
Maximum HR: 190
Not pleased with the basic work at all... Tried to start "easily" and take the control rigth in the beginning, but forget it after the starting point! "Panic" rigth in the beginning and missing in the first control. Wrong routechoise and super hurry during the 2nd leg. Same story the next legs. 5th one the first where there was some sense. 6th one bad route choise. Then doing bit better, if not counting the "brains off" start from the 10th control. Very bad basic work, should get more calm, read the map more and then get more wise orienteering :)
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Husqvarna-kisa (21/08/2016) Husqvarna-kisa (21/08/2016)