Jukola_2016 (19/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Country: Lappeenranta
Leg: 3.
Distance: 15.81 km
Time: 93:34
Well you can see the situation when watching the results and the gps-curve... Quite a good control in techniqual performance, but physically well, I was shit! I think that not recovered from the week before though training before, but still the fact looks like that at the moment physically the shape is bad. Saw Kristiansand and Tyrving there but couldn't match with their speed at all well we went to the roud (when going to the 11th control). Still lot to make better techniqually, but quite happy how I am working at the forest at the moment... But yeah, it is easy to orienteer when the speed is so slow
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Jukola_2016 (19/06/2016) Jukola_2016 (19/06/2016)