Iltarastien_taitorata_mistake (24/05/2016)
Category: Training
Distance: 0 km
Time: 0:00
Average HR: 91
Maximum HR: 91
Firstly during this part of the course have to confess that basic orienteering work was pretty much down... Didn't make a proper plan, because didn't look the leg so properly wich I should. Now after the run would have chose the green routechoise! Or at least from the red circle should have stay on a level. The last time when I excatly knew where I was was the red circle and after that the "plan" (bad one) was to go come to the level next to yellow circle (the hill)... Well I came. Saw the hill from the area of orange circle and was also on a level, wich didn't understand from the map because of the pink contour line wich made the area look steeper but actually there was quite clear level. Then just I had to follow the contour to the control... If would have watched compass or checked my position properly on the orange circle there would have been any problem... Problems 1. Basic skills aka didn't understand the map totally 2. Wasn't doing the basic o-work - wasn't controlling the performance
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Iltarastien_taitorata_mistake (24/05/2016) Iltarastien_taitorata_mistake (24/05/2016)