NuJu2011 (20/08/2011)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Vimpelinvaara
Organiser: Kajaanin Suunnistajat
Leg: 7th
Distance: 6.64 km
Time: 36:07
Average HR: 185
Maximum HR: 210
My last Youth Jukola and ofcourse 7th leg (last). Our team had unfortune already before competition, because one of our team members got hit by car and another one was sick... Our relay started extremly well, when our first guy (Lauri) was second 37s to the leader. Our second leg runner (Joni) was also little bit sick (or not so little bit, he had temperature immideattely after his race) so his run was really hard and because of that he made also couple of mistakes... Other our team members did ok too... My own performance didn't start well, because to the first I run only couple of ten meters of from the path on the forest (lost about 40-45s), otherwise race was reall good with some marginal mistakes. Mistakes in total about 1min. I was 4th fastest anchor (lost 1.37 to the fastest) and raise our team from 36th place to the 23th... But what makes tha race worser than it was is that I lost one guy in last meters by couple of centimeters (He was 3rd fastest anchor)... and the guy is born in1996, so he is 3 years younger than me. DAMN, I mean DAMNNNN!!!!!!! So, more training next year I guess... ;)
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NuJu2011 (20/08/2011)